WIPO: SCCR45 ended with little agreements and few consensus

Once again, within the framework of the work of the Latin American Alliance for Fair Access to Knowledge, Fundación Vía Libre actively participated in the negotiations of the 45th Committee on Copyright and Related Rights at the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The agenda was dominated by the two priority issues of work, the Broadcasting Treaty and the agenda of Limitations and Exceptions to Copyright. The agenda of other topics included a Grulac proposal on fair remuneration for performers in the digital environment, the application of the library payment system and the rights of theater directors, among others.

At the same time, WIPO inaugurated a series of events on Copyright and Artificial Intelligence, an issue that will also be addressed in the agenda of the next SCCR in 2025.

From the Alliance we made several statements on the agenda items that are available in the document we sent to the Secretariat and that we presented orally at the WIPO plenary sessions.