Vía Libre started legal actions to protect the electoral rights of the citizens of Buenos Aires.

By means of this action, Fundación Vía Libre requested the court to suspend the use of the system contracted to the firm MSA (Magic Software de Argentina) until the correct fulfillment of the right to vote is guaranteed in the context of this year’s elections of authorities in the City of Buenos Aires. The elections are scheduled for August 13 and October 28.

The petition requests that the City Government and the Institute of Electoral Management be ordered to cease the actions that violate the right to vote under the conditions established by the CABA Constitution, the National Constitution and International Treaties, allowing citizens to exercise their political rights in a correct manner and with the guarantee that the result will be a true reflection of the will of the people.

The Foundation does not request the suspension of the electoral act, but the suspension of the use of the computer system, for which it requests the reinstatement of the paper-based voting methodology as it was done in the last elections until it is guaranteed that the contracted technology does not present risks for the exercise of the political rights of the citizenship, the transparency of the process, the security of the information, the integrity of the vote and the secrecy of the suffrage.

On the other hand, it requests that before implementing any technology that mediates between citizens and the expression of their electoral will, the GCBA be ordered to take appropriate measures for any implementation of this type, including education and training of citizens in order to ensure effective access under equal conditions.

At the same time, it requests that independent, technically and methodologically correct, adequate, complete and sufficient audits be carried out, in the understanding that these characteristics do not apply to the audits presented to date.