Argentine Computer Science Didactics Conference


1 December 2023




Universidad Nacional de Comahue, Neuquén

In an increasingly digitalized world, the presence of artificial intelligence in classrooms is a reality. Knowing it, identifying it and even judging it is necessary. On Friday, December 1, the workshop: “Tools to explore biases and stereotypes of artificial intelligence in classrooms” will be held within the JADICC 2023 conference at UNCO.

When we search in internet search engines, make a translation, or chat with ChatGPT, we are using artificial intelligence tools, we do not know how that data was constructed or if the results they give us are being biased. Therefore, the objective of the workshop is to provide practical tools so that teachers can work and recognize, together with their students, biases and stereotypes in these artificial intelligences.

The workshop will be taught by the Vía Libre Foundation’s AI ethics team: Luciana Benotti, Laura Alonso Alemany and Guido Ivetta.

The workshop requires prior registration:

Additionally, on the same day Luciana Benotti from the AI ​​ethics team will participate in the panel “The what, how and why of teaching Artificial Intelligence. New constructions of citizens” with Ana Casali, Julián Dabbah and Laura A. Cecchi at 9:30 a.m.

The Argentine Computer Science Didactics Conference (JADICC 2023) takes place on December 1 and 2 at the Faculty of Informatics Universidad Nacional del Comahue City of Neuquén – Argentina.