The technological legacy of Salvador Allende, talk with Evgeny Morozov


12 September 2023




Cúpula, Centro Cultural Kirchner

Belarusian intellectual Evgeny Morozov, who has dedicated himself to addressing the role of Latin America in the global struggle for technological sovereignty and alternatives to Big Tech, gives a talk on the technological legacy left by the Salvador Allende government: the avant-garde experience of the Cybersyn Project.

The research, called Santiago Boys, opens the doors to this unique experiment carried out half a century ago in Chile, when the then government dared to challenge the power of multinational companies in the field of telecommunications. Morozov’s talk allows to approach that experience and at the same time to see its implications to think about a present full of challenges in terms of technology, corporations and sovereignty.

The activity, the day after the fiftieth anniversary of the coup against Allende, opens the doors to a facet often unknown of what the government of the then Popular Unity meant in Chile.

The activity is free of charge and does not require prior reservation: admission is on a first-come, first-served basis, until the capacity of the hall is reached.