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11 July 2023




FLACSO y Streaming

On Tuesday 11 July from 18hs the presentation of the Report “Legal protection of inferred personal data” by Fundación Vía Libre will take place in person at the auditorium of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) located in Tucumán 1966, CABA.

Agustin Allende Larreta from PRIVACYVITAS and Violeta Paulero from the National Directorate of Personal Data Protection will participate in the meeting to discuss the challenges of Personal Data Protection in Argentina.

The meeting will be streamed on FLACSO’s YouTube account.

We ask those who intend to come to FLACSO in person to register at the following link: https://eventol.flisol.org.ar/events/datosinferidos/registration

About the Report “Legal protection of inferred personal data”.

In a society like today’s, it is essential to recognise the existence and the threat that inferences imply on the privacy of citizens, as well as on all the rights that this makes possible. To this end, we will review some interesting experiences on international regulation and, finally, we will focus on Argentinean legislation in order to propose some minimum standards when enacting a new law. Today, data is not collected, it is inferred.