The Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence and digital sovereignty


14 September 2023




Auditorio Lectura Mundi, Edificio Tornavía, Campus Miguelete UNSAM - Provincia Bs. As., Arg.

On Thursday, September 14, in person at UNSAM, Evgeny Morozov, the historian of science and renowned writer will hold the conference: “The Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence and digital sovereignty”. To discuss the transformations of ecosystems- digital and think about alternative ways of relating them locally, regionally and globally.

In a conference that will be presented by Hernán Borisonik from the Center for Science and Thought (UNSAM). It is co-organized by the Vía Libre Foundation together with Lectura Mundi, Casa Patria Grande and Flacso. It will take place at the Lectura Mundi Auditorium, Tronavía building on the Miguelete Campus, UNSAM.

Pre-registration required: