Media Party 2023


5 October 2023




Centro Cultural Konex

On Thursday, October 5, Laura Alonso Alemany and Alexia Halvorsen share the workshop: Are language technologies discriminatory? within the Media Party event, which will take place on October 5, 6 and 7 at the Konex Cultural City, CABA.

The objective of the workshop is to learn how to carry out a systematic analysis of language technologies (chatbot, autocomplete, translate, grammar correction, etc.) to analyze whether their behavior is discriminatory. Go beyond anecdotal evidence to systematize your results, using EDIA: a visual tool for analyzing language models. It is designed to be practical, combining work in small groups with the sharing of problems and results.

Media Party since 2012, facilitates the convergence between the media industry and technology in an innovative, international and practical way.

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