Danish Philosophy Society


1 March 2024





Luciana Benotti will be a speaker at the launch of the Danish Philosophical Society 2024 meeting. There she will present the session: “Risks of generative AI: perspectives on Latin American research in AI”

In this talk, Luciana Benotti will delve into the challenges and ethical considerations surrounding Generative AI, drawing on my experiences as an AI researcher based in Latin America. She will initiate the discussion by presenting various generative AI applications (e.g., text generation, visual question answering) based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, that is, on (potentially multimodal) large language models. She will prompt the audience with a crucial question: What problems do you perceive?

The talk will feature an exploration of recent news items and demonstrations to illustrate the potential risks associated with NLP applications. Luciana, will foster an interactive environment, encouraging participants to share their perspectives on the challenges posed by generative AI. Importantly, She will approach this dialogue without assuming a background in NLP, making the discussion accessible to a diverse audience.

The presentation aims to stimulate critical reflections on the implications of Generative AI, particularly for those who do not get to decide how these technologies are developed. It questions how much trust we should place in them. As we collectively navigate the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, this talk serves as an opportunity to explore, question, and gain a nuanced understanding of the risks inherent in this rapidly advancing technology.